An End and a New Beginning

Long time, no see! A career change and the birth of my first child caused me to take a time-out from the scene of investing. As I started to write this post I realized that it has almost been a full year since I posted anything here on the blog. So, if you wonder why I haven’t answered your comments or replied to your emails that is why. I’ll try to go to those in the days that follow this post.

Going forward, the Cigarrfimpar blog will be active but there will be no new posts published here. I plan to keep the blog in its current condition and I won’t delete anything. However, as I came back from my time-out I realized that I needed to start out with a blank canvas for my writing as I move forward. First of all, the Cigarrfimpar blog has become too messy for my taste and the posts are going in all different directions. This in itself made me less eager to start writing and posting again. Secondly, the circumstances of my new life made me realize that the circumstances for my writing also needed to change. Both in terms of what I write about but also with what frequency. With the exception of keeping the pseudonym “Cigarrfimpar”, I, therefore, came to the conclusion that the best thing for me was to start all over. Today I’m therefore happy to announce my new investment writing platform that I call the Liquidation Almanack:

The Liquidation Almanack is a quarterly review of the Liquidation Oxymorons’ portfolio that I manage according to my Investment Manifesto. Each Almanack will serve as an investing journal that I can point at as a public proof-of-work for my ability as an investor. The Liquidation Almanack will also serve as a source of idea generation for investors interested in going concern’s selling below liquidation value (i.e. Liquidation Oxymoron’s). From time to time I will also write and publish memos on various investing-related topics.


Before I sign off on this final post on the Cigarrfimpar blog I would like to say thanks for all of your support and contribution over the years. I hope to hear from you in the future as well!